Faces On The Wall

Shedding light on the characters who live on battered walls

About Faces on the Wall.....

We believe we're alone in this world. Where every encounter is three-dimensional. Our brains have evolved to ignore everything else. 

But what if?

What if there's a hidden, flattened dimension with people, creatures, and inanimate objects just like ours? Hidden, but not hidden, just hard for us to see in concrete terms.

My mission was to find this flattened dimension and try to shed some light on its characters. Faces on the Wall is a collection of images of actual patterns, lines, and textures that form together on rustic stone and stucco walls to seemingly show us a face here, a story there, perhaps.  They say nothing loudly. But you can hear their whispers if you look and listen very carefully.  Like everything else that is abstract, some of us will see them while others can not. 

I've added nothing to the faces I found on these walls. As I do with most of my images, I use creative balancing of light and shadow to more clearly show them to you, but that is the only form of enhancement to the images. I've given each character a title that suggests what I saw on the wall, but that by no means limits anyone else's imagination to see something entirely different. 

This project is on-going; I'll likely never know when it's finished. As long as my imagination keeps finding such characters, I'll keep showing them to you (with their permission, of course).