About J. Riley Stewart Limited Editions

I offer my fine art photographs as numbered limited editions.

Many artists sell limited edition fine art prints. But it turns out there are no established standards or accountabilities in the art world to explain exactly what "limited editions" means. So you may be left guessing unless you ask the artist how they apply the term "limited edition." But you don't need to ask me: I'll tell you.

Design of J Riley Stewart Limited Editions

I use two limited editions per title, each specifying a range of print sizes. A specific title can be offered in both editions, but not always.

Niche Editions

When a title is assigned to the Niche Edition, the number of fine art prints of that title will never exceed 200. Sizes typically included in the Niche Edition are 20 x 16 inches and smaller.

Exhibition Editions

When a title is assigned to the Exhibition Edition, the number of fine art prints of that title will never exceed 50. Sizes typically included in the Exhibition Edition are larger than 20 x 16 inches.

Certificate of Authenticity

Each fine art print, regardless of its Edition, shows a certificate of authenticity on the reverse of the print (or on the mount, if dry mounted). The image shows an example of this seal applied to the reverse of the print entitled  "Foggy Morning at the Tally Ho." The seal is permanently applied to the print by stamping with archival ink and can never be removed without destroying the print itself.

The certificate is completed by hand by me, also in archival ink and pencil.

Every certificate documents the following data:

  • Title
  • Edition
  • Serial Number in Edition and size of Edition
  • Copyright date
  • Print Date
  • Image dimension
  • Paper base
  • Process
  • Coating type (if coated)
  • Original Signature

Documenting numbered limited editions

I take the need to control the editioning process seriously so you can trust that when I send you a specific print of serial number "x" that's exactly what you (and you alone) get.

I maintain control of my editions by using a detailed COA (Certificate of Authenticity) database. Every print sold is entered into the database, including all the data on the above stamp, plus, when we know it, the date of purchase and the name of the purchaser.

This process maintains a registration of each print created. I manage the database as an essential business document and it is backed up off-site to protect it from corruption or loss. With this system, you can be assured that you own an original and unique J Riley Stewart fine art photograph.

How sales in an edition affect the purchase price

Limited editions are printed only to a maximum number of prints. For my Niche Editions, a maximum of 200 prints in any applicable size or presentation is allowed. For my Exhibition Editions, the maximum number of prints is 50. When the maximum is reach, no further prints will be offered as fine art prints, but unnumbered prints may continue to appear in reproductions, books, posters, calendars, and other media not qualified as fine art.

Currently I do not accelerate pricing structures as sales within an edition grow. At some point, however, prices of fine art titles nearing the edition maximum may increase.

Please email me if you have any questions.