Radiance on the Landscape

Elegant Fine Art Photographs for Home and Office

J. Riley Stewart lives to create elegant fine art photographs in the style of the American luminists, who were masters at recreating those mysterious moments when light and shadow dance on the landscape.  

"We need light; it provides clarity. But we also need a bit of mystery; and in the shadows we find it."
--J Riley Stewart

After almost 50 years of making visual art,  DC-based artist J Riley Stewart offers a varied portfolio of images ideal as large scale wall art photographs. Themes range from romantic landscapes that showcase man's handprints on the natural landscape to pure nature images and still life compositions.

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J Riley Stewart featured in Elan Magazine

"..an intriguing mystery."

"Stewart's captured visions are soothing, serene and tranquil settings that invite the eyes to come in and rest awhile, yet, there is an intriguing mystery.." élan Magazine.