The Majesty of Mountains

About the Majesty of Mountains collection

Why are we drawn to the majesty of mountains?

Mountain landscapes can be scary and glorious at the same time. Mountains can tower over us and intimidate us. Or they can be an almost heavenly perch to let us see for miles in any direction. 

When I'm among mountains, I  pursue their heights and try to convey a sense of reverence I find there. Having grown up on the flatlands of the American Great Plains, seeing the world from a perch high above the valleys never fails to amaze me, even today. I'm struck by the sheer majesty of it all. It is this majesty that I try to convey in my mountain photographs.

I hope you enjoy these luminous mountain landscape photographs featuring the  Appalachian and Rocky Mountains in the USA, the Alps, and Scottish Highlands.

Original mountain art photographs featuring the majesty of the Appalachians and Rocky Mountains, the Alps, and Scottish Highlands.