Art Themes from J Riley Stewart

J Riley Stewart's portfolios offer thematic collections of fine art photographs having a common setting and ambience.

As an independent photographer, I have complete freedom to choose what I photograph. I've been doing that for over 48 years. During that time, my life-interests have no doubt changed, but there are also constants....subject  themes that have stuck with me and that I still follow on my creative path. 

I've organized my galleries, or portfolios, around these 'constant' themes. There are images here that I made decades ago, but  I still search out similar subjects to photograph today.  I love being outdoors with my big clumsy cameras, so it makes sense that most of my images are outdoors taking pictures of old historic buildings in their natural environments (romantic landscapes), or water bodies, or woodlands scenes, or mountain vistas, or simple rural pastoral scenes. Strangely, I feel at home in each of these settings, and perhaps that's why I return again and again to visit, and perhaps capture a few mementos along the way to share. 

J Riley Stewart