Living Waters

About Living Waters

Of all the elements of the luminism style of wall art, the radiance of water on the landscape thrills me the most.   

There is nothing on Earth more soothing, and at the same time more sublime, than living waters.

Living waters appear on the landscape as grand oceans, lakes, waterfalls and rivers, but also as small pools and creeks. They sometimes fall from great heights with great drama, and at other times are as still as glass.

I'm especially drawn to making images featuring natural waters. Unlike any other element, we are water and water is us. So it makes perfect sense that we humans love scenes that contain luminous water art subjects and stories.  I hope you enjoy mine.

Many of the images in this portfolio are included in the photographic book "At Water's Edge."  All proceeds from the sale of the book go to children's charity. Thank you in advance. 

Preview the book here. 

J Riley Stewart

Original Images featuring the luminance of water on the natural landscape.